Factorics is a service which allows you to analyse, manage and interact efficiently with your mobile and web audience.

Factorics Analytics


  • Gain a unique level of insight into your users.
    Factorics gives you key realtime information about your mobile and desktop audience. You have at any moment a precise snapshot of your users, their behaviour, and their evolution over time.
Factorics Messaging


  • Factorics enables you to communicate simply and efficiently with your users
    Factorics offers you a messaging service, enabling you to communicate in a general or targeted manner with your users.
    With Factorics, you can easily create campaigns in just a few minutes. Different templates are available: Push messages are sent to mobile phones or tablets, without the application needing to be open. “In-App” messages can appear while the application is being used or the mobile website is being browsed.

Easy to use

  • Factorics works automatically.
    Factorics works with all applications, mobile sites and websites.
    All you need to do is add Factorics’s module to your source code to begin to analyse its audience and send messages.
    You can access Factorics from any computer with your unique account credentials.

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